Real Estate Exam Prep Books
Questions & Answers To Help You Pass The Real Estate Exam
8th Edition
By giving students practice answering questions similar to those found on real estate exams, this best-selling exam guide is specifically designed for real estate students who want to pass their licensing exams on the first try. With over 1,800 questions, including 80-item sample broker and salesperson exams and three 80-item review exams, this book is intended for individuals preparing for salesperson and broker licensing exams. Detailed explanations, in the answer key at end of each chapter, provide a rationale as to why a given answer is correct. $31.99
The Language of Real Estate 6th Edition The Language of Real Estate is a one-stop reference guide that can explain any real estate term from abandonment to zoning. And it goes beyond just definitions! It has websites, abbreviations, Spanish key terms and even a closing problem to help you master the real estate language. $34.99
Foundations of New Jersey Real Estate -
A License Preparation Manual
A real estate test preparation manual designed exclusively for the New Jersey licensing test and used successfully by thousands of students. $40.00
Real Estate Exam Flash Card Review A comprehensive set of more than 600 flash cards to thoroughly review key terms and concepts covered in real estate licensing courses. Understanding real estate terminology is essential to pass the exam. Set includes more than 500 vocabulary terms with complete definitions, key math concepts including formulas, conversions, and proration tips, memory tips and bullet lists of key real estate concepts $44.95
Real Estate Math: Explanations, Problems, Solutions, 7th Edition This book reviews basic math skills and demonstrates their application to real estate. Each question is worked out and answer keys cross-reference the user back to the text for extra feedback. $24.99
Real Estate Exam Prep (PSI) Real Estate Exam Prep (PSI)
3rd Edition!
This book concentrates standard textbook and curriculum material into concise, comprehensive, exam-outline-sequenced clusters of key terms, concepts, and principles. With this book, you get: Focused, exam-specific review material fewer than 100 pages gets you farther, faster, and with greater lasting comprehension of key elements than many other books! A full-length exam prepared to parallel PSI's published test specifications for the number of questions per Content Outline Section and an answer key with a diagnostic chart to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. $33.00


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