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Tax Liens -  The Complete Guide to Investing In New Jersey Tax Liens Income tax, sales tax, real estate tax ...everyone hates to pay taxes. But most people don’t know that there is a way to make great profit from taxes. This book will tell you how to invest in high yield New Jersey tax liens that are secured by first priority liens on real estate. “High interest” and “low risk” are very attractive terms these days. New Jersey municipal tax liens accrue interest at up to 18%, they’re secured by a first priority lien on property chosen by the investor, and they offer the added bonus of possibly obtaining ownership of the property for a low cost.You will discover: How to buy tax liens, how to choose the right liens, how to grow your tax lien by paying subsequent taxes, how the foreclosure process works and what pitfalls to avoid. $22.00
Essentials of Real Estate Investment
8th Edition
Using an effective blend of theory and practice, Essentials of Real Estate Investment helps the reader navigate potential investments opportunities in the current real estate market. This user-friendly and interactive text explores the latest investment trends, tax laws, regulations, and market conditions.


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